Top 4 PEMF Mat Comparison Review of 2020

Multi-Wave Healthy Wave Mat


Photon Light

Far Infrared

Negative Ion


$999 - $2499

74" x 28"

Mat: 15 Month Warranty

Controller: 5 Year Warranty

45 Day Trial Period




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Healthy Wave Mat


Photon Light

Far Infrared

Negative Ion


$499 - $1489

74" x 28"

Mat: 15 Month Warranty

Controller: 5 Year Warranty

45 Day Trial Period




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$4290 - $5990

71″ x 24″

3 Year Warranty

30 Day Trial


Bemer Review


$3775 - $6545

67″ x 23″

3 Year Warranty

No Trial Period


iMRS Review

Comparison Intro

I researched a lot about PEMF before deciding which mat to buy for myself. I narrowed down my choices between the 2 Healthy Wave mats, iMRS and Bemer. I got a hold of alI 4 of these mats so that I could run some tests on them to see if they do what they say that they do. It is important to keep in mind that distributors will try to convince you that their product is the best so that they can make money. Make sure you get your information from many sources before making a buying decision.

PEMF Overview: What is PEMF?

The video below will go over what PEMF is, the benefits, research and product comparison. If you already know all about PEMF and are interested in the product comparison then skip ahead to the product comparison section starting at the comparison table further down this page.

What Are Some Benefits of PEMF?

PEMF Benefits include:

• Improved circulation
• Reduced pain and inflammation 
• Improved healing speed of bone fractions and soft tissue injuries
• Reduced muscle loss after ligament surgery 
• Increased tensile strength of ligaments 
• Accelerated nerve regeneration

Studies That Have Been Done.

One study researched the nerve regeneration in rats. Rats treated after a damaged sciatic nerve had their regeneration and functional recovery accelerated. Rats treated before the damaged sciatic nerve and got the same results!

To be effective they found that PEMF pulses must be of low energy and extremely low frequency.

Sisken & Walker in 1995 did a lot of PEMF research. They found that certain frequencies have specific effects on your body. As you can see in the chart between 2 and 25 Hz gave all of the positive effects that were noted in their testing!

The Use of Magnetic Field for the Reduction of Inflammation: A Review of the History and Therapeutic Results

This table shows which frequencies have been found to produce positive effects for specific inflammatory related conditions.

A lot of the frequencies are between 1 – 25 Hz. 

This is why it is important to find a PEMF therapy mat that includes frequencies shown in this table.

PEMF From The Body

Electricity travels through any muscle that contracts in your body. This causes a very tiny magnetic field that could be detected at a distance of 15 feet in 1963! The largest field normally comes from the heart and your brain creates a magnetic field that is several 100x weaker than your heart’s field.

EMFs are created from the hands of practitioners of therapeutic touch. The hands of practitioners of therapeutic touch have been found to create a magnetic  field about 1000X stronger than the field created by your heart! 

Biomagnetism is not the whole story of healing energy. Several studies have implicated infrared heat signals in therapeutic touch.

To the left is a magnetic field measurement from the hands of a therapeutic touch practitioner. The frequency range was from 0.3Hz to 30Hz which is similar to the range that Sisken and Walker found in their studies with the best results taking place in the 2-25 Hz range. 

PEMF From The Earth

Schumann Resonance frequencies are variations in the Earth’s Magnetic field. The variations are caused by lightning around the world. It is mostly in the range of 1-40Hz resonating at 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33 and 39Hz. This is also similar to the 0.3 – 30Hz range of the therapeutic touch practitioner and the 2-25Hz range found by Sisken and Walker in their studies.

Reiter (1953) found that when the Schumann resonance frequency slows down as a thunderstorm is approaching, the subjects had a slower reaction time. As the micro pulsations speeded up into the range of alpha brain wave activity, the reaction times were faster.

In another study Wever (1968) at the Max Planck institute had 2 underground rooms with hundreds of subjects living inside. One room had an electromagnetic shield around it. They found that the shielded room caused the subjects to have more chaotic physiological rhythms than the other room. Introducing a weak 10Hz electric field dramatically restored normal patterns.


Brainwaves are in the 1-50Hz range. Brains produce delta waves in deep sleep. Theta waves are produced when you are falling asleep. You get high Alpha waves when you are focused and alert. Brains produce beta waves when you are stressed and need to think quickly. PEMF affects the brain so if you use 1-7Hz it may help you sleep better and 8-14Hz may help you become more alert and lower your reaction time.

Common Frequency Ranges

Best frequency range in studies: 2 – 25Hz
Therapeutic Touch Frequencies: 0.3 – 30Hz
Brain Waves: 1 – 50Hz
Schumann Resonance: 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39Hz

This is why when looking for a PEMF device you want to find one somewhere around the 1-30Hz range. Remember that beta waves 14-50Hz is a stressed out brain state so you want to avoid PEMF over 30Hz. 

How Do PEMF Mats Compare To Each Other?​

Each PEMF mat has different PEMF signals that they send to your body. The most important thing to look at is the frequency that they will be sending to your body. The other to important factors are the waveform shape and signal penetration

Wave Shape
Mat Intensity
Accessory Intensity
Multi-Wave Healthy Wave Mat



Healthy Wave Mat


Claim: 0.5Hz, 3Hz, 5.5Hz, 15Hz
Tested: 50Hz-65Hz on average


0.09 – 70µT
300µT Max

10Hz and 33Hz
Unique Bemer Wave
3.5 – 50µT
150µT Max

Product Frequency Ranges

1Hz to 30Hz seems to be a good range for PEMF to receive the most beneficial effects. At first glance all 4 mats are in this range but iMRS does not provide 0.5-15 Hz as they claim that they do. The other mats do fit within this range.

Healthy Wave Mat Frequencies

Healthy Wave original mat has a frequency set at 7.8Hz for the basic controller which is the fundamental Schumann resonance frequency. It is a great frequency in the perfect spot in the 1-30Hz range. Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat has a 1-25Hz multi frequency controller. With the Multi-Wave controller you can select the frequency you want between 1-25Hz, you can select either a sine or square wave and select the intensity between 10% and 100%. The new multi-wave controller will come with the new multi-wave mats on their website. 

iMRS Mat Frequencies

I found that iMRS does not use the frequencies that they say they do in their mats. I found this out by hooking up an oscilloscope to an iMRS mat. The video will explain what I found as well as the response I received by an iMRS distributor.

iMRS story:  

Morning – 15 Hz 
Noon – 5.5 Hz
Evening – 3 Hz
Night – 0.5 Hz

Tested Results:

There is an average of around 50-65 saw-tooth waves per second for the mat and 17,300 square waves per second for the applicators. Both have a series of pulses followed by a pause. The photos to the right show what the pulses look like and the photos below are zoomed out so that you can see the pauses in the signal.

the period of the saw-tooth wave is 5.25 ms which gives a frequency of around 190Hz if there were no pauses. The square wave has a period of around 40 microseconds which gives you a frequency of 25,000 Hz. This was very surprising to me when I first saw it to say the least.

The 2 pictures to the right are the zoomed out view of the signals. The left picture is the 190Hz saw-tooth wave turned on and off. The right picture is the 25,000Hz square wave turned on and off. I counted up the saw-tooth waves and it was 50-65 waves/second depending on if it was on morning, noon, evening or night mode. The square wave you can see on the screen says the average is 17,400Hz.

An iMRS distributor explained to me how they got their frequencies. You can watch my video “iMRS Exposed” found above for an explanation on their logic behind their frequency claims.

Bemer Mat Frequencies

Bemer can operate at 10Hz or 33Hz. It’s sleep programs will run at 10Hz to help put your brain in a more relaxed state. Its normal programs can only be set at 33Hz. Remember that there are about 15 sine waves within each pulse so that means there is really 15 x 33 = 495Hz of sine waves when on the 33Hz mode and 150Hz when in the sleep mode. 495Hz and 150Hz are obviously way too high to be within the 1-30Hz range we are looking for. 

Bemer Wave

Wave Types Included

Healthy Wave regular PEMF mats provide pulsed sinusoidal waves so there is a sine wave with a pause afterwards. There is a good case that the a simple sine wave may be the the most beneficial for you. PEMF studies are typically done with with either sine waves or square waves. It most resembles the waves found within your body such as brain waves, your ears pick up sound as sine waves and the Earth’s natural PEMF is also sinusoidal. It makes sense that this would be one of the top waveforms used in PEMF therapy.

The Multi-Wave Healthy Wave mats give you a choice of using sine waves or square waves.

iMRS uses a complex saw-tooth wave for the mat and square wave shape for the accessories. 

The saw-tooth wave is used in their mat and delivers many frequencies within it. The problem is that their sawtooth wave is at 190Hz instead of their claimed 0.5-15Hz as mentioned above. The frequencies inside the wave are faster than 190Hz becasue they fit within the 190Hz wave. They say that having many frequencies in the saw-tooth wave has many benefits but I am unconvinced because the amplitude of these frequencies is so small. If you take a look at the saw-tooth wave to the right, you will see that the very fast frequencies exist in the waveform but they have very small amplitudes which will have little to no effect. It is very difficult to determine if this will have a noticeable affect on your health.  

The square wave is used in the iMRS accessories. It is claimed to be most effective for healing and regeneration. It makes sense that the rapid rise and fall is important for PEMF therapy. It is a well tested wave unlike the sawtooth wave they have. It is a shame they didn’t use a square wave for their mat. 

Bemer uses it’s own patented wave form. Note that the picture of the Bemer Wave is considered 1 wave. The number of sine waves inside the single pulse is 15. Bemer’s explanation for why they think their wave is the best is that it is better to have more stimulation per second. It is hard to determine whether the extra stimulation is beneficial. There are studies on pub med using the Bemer wave but the results were neutral, positive-neutral or positive with additional research required. It is the only mat of these 3 companies that have publicly available research on PubMed which is great. Unfortunately the results are not as good as I had hoped for. find out more from my Bemer review by clicking here: –> Bemer Review

Sine Wave

Square Wave

Saw-Tooth Wave

Bemer Wave

Which Has The Best Signal Penetration?

The new Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat is not included in this video because it was announced and released after this video was made. The bemer 3000 is being tested her instead of the newest model. Once I get a hold of the never model of bemer and Healthy wave mat I will update the video with a new testing video.

Signal Intensity

Studies have been typically done using between 1µT and  500µT. There are some products that have intensities 10x or 100x this level but these are dangerous to use without a trained health professional. Do not use high powered pulsed EMF without supervision as it is dangerous. Anything below 500µT is believed to be completely safe to be used at home. Both iMRS and Bemer claim that the lower intensities can often work better than the higher intensities depending on how healthy or sick your cells are. 

The Healthy Wave original mat provides 300µT which is high compared to Bemer and iMRS. Although it is more intense than the iMRS and Bemer mats it is still in the safe range for home use and a reasonable setting that will provide benefits for whoever uses it. There is no need for an accessory with a higher intensity because the mat already charges your body at a high yet safe level. You get the full benefits throughout your body instead of just at a local spot if you use an accessory. 

The Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat provides 250µT at the maximum setting and you can set it to 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of maximum. 

The iMRS mat and pad can deliver an intensity between 0.09µT and 70µT the probe accessory has a maximum intensity of 300µT.

The Bemer mat can deliver an intensity between 3.5µT and 50µT the B.Spot has a maximum intensity of 150µT.


PEMF Conclusion

When looking for a PEMF mat you should look for one with a signal frequency between 1-30Hz and a low intensity range around 1- 500µT.

The Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat is rated 9/10. This is because it allows you to emulate studies as closely as possible at a reasonable price. You can adjust the frequency between 1-25Hz, adjust the intensity from 25µT-250µT and choose between a sine and square wave.  

The Healthy Wave Original Mat was rated 8/10. Its frequency is set at 7.8Hz which is the fundamental Shumann resonance frequency. It loses points because you are not able to change the frequency or intensity. 7.8Hz is also a high theta / low alpha brainwave frequency and the frequency measured most from the pulsed magnetic fields coming of the hands of practitioners of therapeutic touch. Healthy Wave’s signal also penetrates further than the other 2 mats. It doesn’t have any applicators but you don’t need one because your full body is covered by the PEMF of the mat. The Healthy Wave mat is also about a third the price of the Bemer or iMRS and made of crystals instead of relatively cheap materials like the Bemer and iMRS.

Bemer was rated 7/10. They are a good mat because the 33Hz signal is close to the 1-30Hz range and they have a 10Hz sleep program which is in this range. The controller can adjust the intensity but only has 2 frequency choices. It loses some points because it performed poorly in the signal penetration test.

iMRS 2000 was rated 5/10 because the frequencies in their mat are not what they say it is. They claim to have a saw-tooth wave with settings at 0.5, 3, 5.5 and 15Hz but in reality has a 190Hz wave that turns on and off for the mat and its applicators have a 25000Hz wave turned on and off. I counted 50-65 saw-tooth waves per second on average depending on the setting. This is outside the 1-30Hz range I was looking for and expecting.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Healthy Wave, unlike iMRS and Bemer, has infrared therapy which works synergistically with the PEMF therapy. It provides many of the same benefits as PEMF but the effects stack on top of each other to improve your health even more. Everyone has an experience of heat improving their circulation and reducing pain. It is an effect that you can notice very easily compared to PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy is much more subtle. 

Infrared heat is much more beneficial than a conventional heating pad because infrared heat penetrates several inches into your body without heating your skin as much as a conventional heating pad would. This makes it very comfortable. Heat expands blood vessels, improving circulation. It provides many other benefits such as:

• Detoxifying your body
• Promoting healing of wounds
• Reduced stress and muscle tension
• Decreased pain and inflammation
• Increased flexibility
• And much more!

Top Rated Mat Overview

Healthy Wave Multi-Wave Mat is rated #1 for several reasons:

✅ Has the best frequency range (1-25Hz)
✅ Includes 5 Therapies: PEMF – far infrared – negative ion – crystal – photon light
✅ Made with natural crystals: amethyst, jade and tourmaline
✅ 45 day money back satisfaction guarantee – no restocking fee on returns
✅ Dozens of different sizes and models to choose from (See lower down this page for the top sellers)

My Personal Experiance

I ended up buying the original 5 Therapy Healthy Wave Mat and the infrared heat pillow. If the multi-wave mat was available when I bought my mat I would have bought that one. It was one of the main reasons I was able to heal from my wrist tendonitis when nothing else worked. The benefits of using the Healthy Wave Mat consistently over several weeks helped more than going to see about a dozen different health specialists. I do plan of buying a Healthy Wave Multi-Wave mat soon and sharing my experience with it.

Multi-Wave 5 Therapy Healthy Wave Mats

$999 - $2499

This model includes the Multi-Wave 1-25Hz controller. Adjust the frequency, intensity and waveform between sinusoidal and square. Made with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade crystals!

Original 5 Therapy Healthy Wave Mats

$499 - $1499

This model is the Professional original 5 therapy body model. The professional model provides double the negative ions as the non-professional mats. Includes PEMF, Infrared, photon, crystal and negative ion therapies.

Infrared Heat Pillow

18″x 10″ x 4″ - $285

This pillow provides infrared heat. It is very comfortable and perfect for use while lying on your Healthy Wave Mat.

Rainbow 4 Therapy Healthy Wave Mats

$599 - $1,299

This mat is made with 7 different stones. The pro mat version provides 3000+ negative ions per square inch instead of 1500 of the normal versions. This version does not include the photon light therapy. It includes the PEMF, far infrared, negative ion and crystal therapy. It is a great option if you want the 7 different stones in your mat and are not as interested in the photon light therapy.

Original 4 Therapy Healthy Wave Mats

$449 - $1,499.00

The pro mat version provides 3000+ negative ions per square inch instead of 1500 of the normal versions. This version does not include the photon light therapy. It includes the PEMF, far infrared, negative ion and crystal therapy. It is a great option if you want to trade off the photon light therapy for a lower price than the pro version with photon light therapy.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer

I may receive a commission if you purchase from sites that are linked from this site. The money will go towards keeping this site maintained and up to date.

Information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for advice from a health care professional. 

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