PEMF Therapy Overview

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What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. High frequency and high intensity EMFs from electronics and power lines are bad for you. Low frequency, low intensity Pulsed EMFs, that are similar to the Earth’s natural variations in its magnetic field, have been found to provide many health benefits.

What Are Some Benefits of PEMF?

PEMF Benefits include:

• Improved circulation
• Reduced pain and inflammation 
• Improved healing speed of bone fractions and soft tissue injuries
• Reduced muscle loss after ligament surgery 
• Increased tensile strength of ligaments 
• Accelerated nerve regeneration

Studies That Have Been Done.

One study researched the nerve regeneration in rats. Rats treated after a damaged sciatic nerve had their regeneration and functional recovery accelerated. Rats treated before the damaged sciatic nerve and got the same results!

To be effective they found that PEMF pulses must be of low energy and extremely low frequency.

Sisken & Walker in 1995 did a lot of PEMF research. They found that certain frequencies have specific effects on your body. As you can see in the chart between 2 and 25 Hz gave all of the positive effects that were noted in their testing!

The Use of Magnetic Field for the Reduction of Inflammation: A Review of the History and Therapeutic Results

This table shows which frequencies have been found to produce positive effects for specific inflammatory related conditions.

A lot of the frequencies are between 1 – 25 Hz. 

This is why it is important to find a PEMF therapy mat that includes frequencies shown in this table.

PEMF From The Body

Electricity travels through any muscle that contracts in your body. This causes a very tiny magnetic field that could be detected at a distance of 15 feet in 1963! The largest field normally comes from the heart and your brain creates a magnetic field that is several 100x weaker than your heart’s field.

EMFs are created from the hands of practitioners of therapeutic touch. The hands of practitioners of therapeutic touch have been found to create a magnetic  field about 1000X stronger than the field created by your heart! 

Biomagnetism is not the whole story of healing energy. Several studies have implicated infrared heat signals in therapeutic touch.

To the left is a magnetic field measurement from the hands of a therapeutic touch practitioner. The frequency range was from 0.3Hz to 30Hz which is similar to the range that Sisken and Walker found in their studies with the best results taking place in the 2-25 Hz range. 

PEMF From The Earth

Schumann Resonance frequencies are variations in the Earth’s Magnetic field. The variations are caused by lightning around the world. It is mostly in the range of 1-40Hz resonating at 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33 and 39Hz. This is also similar to the 0.3 – 30Hz range of the therapeutic touch practitioner and the 2-25Hz range found by Sisken and Walker in their studies.

Reiter (1953) found that when the Schumann resonance frequency slows down as a thunderstorm is approaching, the subjects had a slower reaction time. As the micro pulsations speeded up into the range of alpha brain wave activity, the reaction times were faster.

In another study Wever (1968) at the Max Planck institute had 2 underground rooms with hundreds of subjects living inside. One room had an electromagnetic shield around it. They found that the shielded room caused the subjects to have more chaotic physiological rhythms than the other room. Introducing a weak 10Hz electric field dramatically restored normal patterns.


Brainwaves are in the 1-50Hz range. Brains produce delta waves in deep sleep. Theta waves are produced when you are falling asleep. You get high Alpha waves when you are focused and alert. Brains produce beta waves when you are stressed and need to think quickly. PEMF affects the brain so if you use 1-7Hz it may help you sleep better and 8-14Hz may help you become more alert and lower your reaction time.

Common Frequency Ranges

Best frequency range in studies: 1 – 25Hz
Therapeutic Touch Frequencies: 0.3 – 30Hz
Brain Waves: 1 – 50Hz
Schumann Resonance: 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39Hz

This is why when looking for a PEMF device you want to find one somewhere around the 1-30Hz range. Remember that beta waves 14-50Hz is a stressed out brain state so you want to avoid PEMF over 30Hz. 

How Do PEMF Mats Compare To Each Other?​

Each PEMF mat has different PEMF signals that they send to your body. The most important thing to look at is the frequency that they will be sending to your body. The other to important factors are the waveform shape and signal penetration

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Wave Shape
Mat Intensity
Accessory Intensity
Multi-Wave Healthy Wave Mat



Healthy Wave Mat



10Hz and 33Hz
Unique Bemer Wave
3.5 – 50µT
150µT Max

Check out the PEMF mat comparison review by clicking here. –> Top 3 PEMF Mat Review

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